The increasingly competitive and global business world and the eagerness for innovating resulted in the birth of the intrapreneurship concept. Previous research on intrapreneurship already demonstrated the value of intrapreneurs towards the success of organisations, however there is still little research on how to promote and increase intrapreneurship within organisations. Institutions are now aware of it, in fact, UNIVESET trough a quantitative research could prove that employers are not so concerned about professional specific skills but they rather look for open-minded, communicative and entrepreneurial employees. Then, now it is time to dote people of soft skills.

In this project, we aim to promote the intrapreneurship skills and competencies, by mixing business, educational institutions and individuals. This will allow the construction of highly effective dynamic teams and collaborative groups that make possible the transfer and valorisation of knowledge, the organisations’ continous innovation and competitiveness increase. Individuals should acquire new attitudes and skills in a non-formal and informal way; this has to do with soft-skills such as leadership, creative thinking, resilience, adaptation, and initiative among others. Due to the current social context (digital society, globalisation, continuous changes and risks, etc.), we think that the best way to provide those training opportunities and knowledge management is in a net-based approach, that is taking advantage of the potentialities of the information and communication technologies (ICT). This way, individuals will be able to increase their digital competences in a seamlessly way (informal way).


In this sense, the project is addressed to trainers that are willing to propose soft skills activities.


Therefore, Intranet is intended to promote intrapreneurship through educational processes by means of the creation of activities that could be further applied in organisations to increase their staff skills and competences. So, get tuned to know the next steps of the project!