Throughout the duration of the project, our institution along with our partners, have been developing 10 online activities within a learning environment and 10 chapters that explain the activities, its implementation and the skills that are addresses. Following you will find a closer look at the 10 intrapreneurial-enhanced online activities:

  • Critical Decision Making. Take a role to face a problem or challenge; persuade your companions; accept the final decision.
  • Creative Crowd Sourcing Thinking. ropose your ideas to a problem; unify all solutions and come to a common vision.
  • Cause-Effect (Ishikawa diagram). Find and analyse the cause and effect relationshiop to a challenge or problem.
  • Six Hats.
  • Impact+.
  • Tuckman’s group development.
  • Leadership-thrusted collaboration.
  • Bridge map: innovating through analogies.
  • SCAMPER; think differently.
  • Innovative thinking pathway.

You can check all the online activities in the following link: