The Glas Gospodarstva magazine from Lituania has published an article about the Intra-net project, explaining the outcomes developed during the project and which stands out about the importance of soft skills in the current working and educational context.

In the article, we mainly address the topic of soft skills in a modern company (and in an educational environment). We point out that nowadays most interactions with others require the mastery of soft skills. We use them at work every day, thus they are a prerequisite to competently develop any job.

Developing soft skills will help you in your career and personal growth. By 2020, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, people management and emotional intelligence will be among the most important skills needed in the workplace. In modern consumer society, the importance of the individual is emphasized, thus losing awareness of the importance of quality interpersonal relationship. Those are the reasons that lead us to research and create activities to foster soft skills.

Thus, we have created 10 online activities that will help employees as well as current students and soon future staff to acquire and improve some necessary skills to manage themselves in the prevailing competitive labour market.


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