This activity aims at making learners broaden their thinking scope. Students or employees will learn how to face a problem or certain challenge by drawing upon several points of view.


How it works? 

1- The teacher states the challenge or problem that needs to be addressed.

2- The roles, in this case, the six hats are presented to the participants. Each coloured hat represents a way of thinking.

3- Participants need to provide answers for each thinking hat based on their meanings.

4- Participants are able to see everybody’s answers and get to know other people’s opinions as well as compare them.

5- They can vote the best answers according to their own criteria.


Which are the competences that will be acquired?

This activity can be very beneficial for anyone willing to develop several soft skills:

  • Critical thinking, they need to explore more than one point of view and therefore, be critical.
  • Capacity to develop creative and innovative thinking, they need to open their minds, broaden their horizons and be able to think differently. In order to do that, it is important to draw upon creativity.
  • Adaptability and empathy, they need to get to know and understand other people’s opinions and be able to empathize with them.
  • Role-playing, they should be able to put in other people’s shoes and therefore, think and act the way the other person would do. This helps us understand other points of view.

Play this activity with your team and make them think outside the box. You can try this new online activity with your employees or students by clicking on the following link:

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