A few months ago we presented you the first ICT-based activity developed that was called: Critical decision-making. And now, the second online activity Creative Crowd Sourcing Thinking is already available.

This activity attempts at making learners reflect about one question, communicate to others and decide which is the best option. The most important point of the exercise is then “what the question is”.

How it works? What is the methodology of this activity? First, the participants are presented with a situation and there is a question/challenge that is clearly stated. Then, all participants need to provide answers to the question. Once all participants have sent their responses, the instructor will be able to make all answers public. Participants will be able to see other people’s responses and they will have to rank them from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) according to their opinions. Finally, the answer with the highest average, will be the winner.

This activity can be very beneficial to your learners because they will have the chance to improve the following soft skills:

  • Teamwork, even if it looks like they are playing individually, they need to work self-organised towards a common goal.
  • Communication skills by analysing the answers they improve their communication skills.
  • Problem solving, finding ten top answers in a short period, enables them to find solutions to be implemented.
  • Adaptability by acknowledging other people way of thinking they show resilience.
  • Interpersonal skills by exchanging different point of view and understanding how other people think they improve their motivation, positive attitude, counseling.


This activity in business meetings provides better outcomes than the ones obtained from traditional interactions. Being able to manage interactions with this activity helps to be more self-confident and a better leader in the eye of any team and customers.


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