After the first year of partnership has almost been completed, we would like to start introducing you to the first outputs, that is the online activities that have been developed so far.

The Critical decision-making is an online exercise that will help learners (students or workers) to improve soft intrapreneurial skills that are difficult to be acquired in formal environments. Through the performance of this activity, learners will hone the ability of analysis and abstraction, the capacity to connect concepts, adaptability and empathy, communication and persuasion and finally, decision-making capacity.

This online activity has been developed under an LTI framework so, it is easy adaptable to most online platforms. Similarly, it can be very versatile and fit any teaching subject. The instructor is in charge of typing the problem/challenge, deciding the roles and then, assigning them to the learners. So, they are free to base the activity on the topic they prefer.


And remember, this activity as well as the following ones will be freely available on the Internet.


You can download the infography by clicking on the following link: Infografia critical thinking