We are almost in the middle of the project’s development, and we would like to present the progresses and results in the following flyer.

The flyer contains all the information about the project, the partners, the outputs and why this can be useful for. If you still don’t know how you can take advantage of this project, check the flyer.

Why is this project useful for me?

Whether you are responsible of an organisation/business or an individual (who is employed or unemployed) you can make the most of this project. If you are CEO, you can use this course to improve the working dynamics of your staff by training your employees. Employees with intrapreneurial skills favour innovation and a better position of business in a competitive world market. On the contrary, if you are a worker you can also benefit from it. If you perform the online activities we propose, you can gain soft skills such as:  cooperation, leadership, problem-solving, analysis, etc.


Download the flyer, here: Flyer Intranet dissemination