Does the term “intrapreneurship” ring a bell to you? It is relatively new, since it first appeared in 1978 in Gifford Pinchot paper Intra-corporate entrepreneurship. The author defined this new breed of employees as workers that make for innovation what an entrepreneur would do for his/her business.

CEOs and managers of coorporations are now aware of the benefits of intrapreneurship and they have started looking for employees that meet intrapreneurial traits. However, organisations canĀ  adopt a series of measures to promote such intrapreneurial attitudes.

  1. To include management processes which support innovation. Do not implement strict intern rules, leave space for freedom. Giving autonomy and responsibility to your employees will lead to a comfortable work environment.
  2. Provide sources and financial support to implement new ideas. Not only is vital to create a nice work place but also to contribute with funds and other resources. Indeed, new and innovative activities cannot be carried out in a proper way, unless the organisation provides the resources and assistance required by the employees.
  3. Reward well-performed tasks and ideas developed by employees. Get your employees promotions and raise their salaries, so they will be eager to propose improvements in your business. Likewise, it is also important to learn from their mistakes, instead of punish them for it.
  4. Set an accommodated leadership style. The organisations should be transformed from within and this is the reason why managers play such an important role. Those are expected to increase employees creativity and opportunities as well as to develop new products and processes which convert this into benefits.
  5. From a management perspective to an organisational strategy. Consider changing the world from a wider perspective. In order to be able to do that so, innovation and competitiveness are key notions that should be established as priorities to increase benefits and keep growing as an enterprise.
  6. Promote an organisation’s systematic view by linking your employees personal goals to the organisation goals. If the employees identify themselves with the aims and values of the organisation where they work, they are more likely to take risks and carry out innovative actions.

This post is based on an research study called “ICT-mediated intrapreneurship outline, the Erasmus+ project Intra-net” which was published in the EDULEARN19 international conferences.