During the 17h and 18 of July 2019, it took place the kick-off meeting of the Intra-net project in the Espaitec of Jaume I University, Castellón. The partnership had the chance to meet and discuss some of the main points of the project.

The Intranet project attempts to provide unemployed people and working staff with entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, awareness and problem-solving, among others. Such skills will be acquired in a virtual context through the performance of online activities that have been specifically designed to address some of the above mentioned entrepreneurial skills.

During the two meeting days, the partnership could set the first steps of the project, decide which would be the approach that would be given to the online course and also come up with new ideas about some of the activities that will be offered online.

The first prototype of online tools design within the project framework is almost available. Such online tools are based on an LTI system (Linear Time-Invariant) and the main particularity is that it can be integrated in almost all online platforms.

Now, it is time to come home and develop the activities and consequently, start shaping other online tools which will be further available to a wider audience.


If you wish to try the prototype or collaborate contact us at info@intra-net.org.