Do you know what this project is about?

Intra-net is an Erasmus+ project cofunded by the European Union and developed by CIDET (as coordinator), SJD, Stitching PRIME, CPU and Trebag.

The project attempts to address soft skills and transversal competencies, and more concretely to define which of them can benefit the adoption of an intrapreneurial attitude. Of course, intrapreneurship does not only present and advantage to enterprises but to people themselves.


Such competences will be easily and conveniently acquired through the performance of ICT activities which will be specifically designed to address certain soft skills such as: negotiation, creativity, decision making, cooperation, etc.


An who can benefit from this? The project is addressed to either trainers that intend to train people who is seeking for a job or organisations who intend to improve their employees’ skills. However, of course the ultimate target group is the people who is going to perform the ICT activities.


You can download the infographics here: Intranet project