On Monday 27th of May, the team of CIDET had the chance to meet Daniel Weiss, from Stitching PRIME (Holland).

This was a preparatory meeting for the transnational project meeting that will be held in Castellón during July 17th-18th 2019. We performed some activities that could be included in the Intra-net project to encourage creativity, communication and problem-solving, among other skills and competencies.

The meeting was fruitful and concluded with an agreement about the next steps to build ICT-based activities. Such activities are not only intended to increase awareness about soft skills and to highlight the importance of them but also to acquire and boost this kind of skills. For example, Daniel encouraged us to perform what initially can be perceived as a quick and simple activity, but it much more than that. We were asked to create a duck with 6 different lego pieces. Each member of the team made a duck, but those were differently shaped. This showed us how with a simple statement, when this requirement is distributed among a team, members can understand different things, and shape the same problem (with the same pieces) differently. Of course, we do not aim to make a duck in intranet project, but when a trainer or organisation requires the learners or the members of a team to come up with a solution or plan for a project, the “duck” example can help us to understand how to manage this process and help the members to communicate, share, and innovate all together.