The next 1,2 and 3 of July 2019 will take place in Palma de Mallorca, the eleventh edition of the EDULEARN, an international conference about education and new technologies of learning. In the EduLearn will participate more than 800 delegate from more than 80 different countries, and among them, it is CIDET, presenting two articles related with the last European project that we have liderated, the Intra-net: Intrapreneurship net play-book.


The first article is titled “ICT-mediated intrapreneurship outline, the Erasmus+ Intra-net project” in which it is examined firstly, by means of a research that combines both qualitative and quantitative methods, how to promote soft skills among employees.


People need intrapreneurs to turn good ideas into successful reality. Thus, intrapreneurial attitudes have been proven to lead to organisations’ success. While an increasing number of scholars have examined and further demonstrated the benefits of intrapreneurship for large organisations, small enterprises and even start-ups, there is little research on how to promote intrapreneurship within an organisation. Thus, this article which is based on the Erasmus+ Intranet project ( This is an explanatory study which qualitatively and quantitatively explores firstly how to promote intrapreneurship within enterprises by promoting the acquisition of soft skills, competencies and intrapreneurial attitudes of the employees. And secondly, explores the internal culture of organisations, that is principles of innovative organisations and strategies, providing 6 tenets that an organisation must follow in order to provide a proper and intrapreneurial-triggering environment. In the Intra-net project then, based on those conditions, we propose ICT-based activities that could help to increase competitiveness, foster innovation and improve the quality of the teams.

Keywords: intrapreneurship, soft skills, intrapreneurial culture, strategies, innovation.


The second article is titled “Online activities for acquiring soft skills and transversal competencies in organisations and teams; the Erasmus+ intra-net project”. This article gathers the results obtained from the second phase of the project and it analyses the activities developed during this period.


Nowadays, organisations operate in a working environment in which teamwork, collaboration and other soft skills or competencies are necessary for organisations looking for innovation and competitiveness. The present article shows the results of the second phase of the Intra-net Erasmus+ project. Three online activities which aim at promoting skills useful within organisations have been implemented and further tested. Those activities attempt to promote soft skills such as creativity, knowledge, team building among other competencies. The activities are carried out online due to the fact that online education is more flexible and consequently, it may be best suited to employees. Findings concluded that even ICT-based activities can be useful to help acquire certain skills and to promote intrapreneurship inside organisations, team building, and other soft skills are rather long-term activity and that the figure of a leader is essential for the development of a team work. Thus, ICT tools need to be re-designed for a meta-level that helps leader on their tasks of observation, analysis, support, encouragement and building relationships among members.

Keywords: collaboration, soft skills, ICT-based activities, organisations, employees.